Transition Support

Leaving school and planning for the future

Leaving school is a time of great change. It means leaving behind the familiar school setting and routines and starting life as an adult, exploring new challenges and opportunities. 

Planning in advance and being aware of all possible options is really important. We can work with you, your son or daughter and their school to develop an individualised plan to support the transition to life after school. 

The unique transition plan is based on each young person's aspirations, strengths and abilities and takes into account their lifestyle options and work/life balance. Educational goals to support successful transition from school are an integral part of the plan and this includes work experience and/or visits to preferred options. 

Child and Youth Services also provides a range of specialist assessments to help support the young person's transition such as an assessment of their independent living skills. We also work with education providers to ensure that your child's next step to post school options is best suited to their strengths, abilities and interests. 

Child and Youth Services have a wealth of experience in assisting families and young people when they leave school making sure they have the right information. This will ensure the move from school to the next stage occurs as smoothly and as worry free as possible.

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