Behaviour Intervention & Support

Children with developmental delays and disabilities may display behaviours that create additional challenges for themselves and their families and carers.

These behaviours can develop for many reasons. For example, they may be associated with difficulties in communication, developing relationships, managing emotions or coping with other physical or social environmental factors. Sometimes these behaviours limit the child's opportunities to participate in their community, and have an impact on family life and school experiences.

Child and Youth Services has a transdisciplinary team of behaviour specialists who can provide expert advice, assessment and intervention to assist children with disabilities and behavioural difficulties. Behaviour intervention services are delivered by one or more specialists including, Psychologists, Speech pathologists, Occupational therapists or Developmental educators.

Behavioural interventions are specifically designed to meet the individual needs of your child and family, and may include:

  • A comprehensive assessment of your child's behaviour
  • A positive behaviour support plan with clear strategies that can be practiced at home or in other environments
  • Targeted skill development to teach your child new skills or behaviours, for example social and communication skills
  • Transition support, to assist the child in coping with significant change such as moving schools
  • Support for all family members to develop a deeper understanding of their child's behaviours, and build confidence in supporting their child.

Intensive Behaviour Support

When behaviours are particularly concerning, Child and Youth Services also provides intensive behaviour intervention services.

Intensive behaviour intervention specialists are experienced in assisting children with serious, complex or high risk behaviours. They work with families to develop an intensive program of support, based on the unique needs of each child and family.

This service is metropolitan based. For families living in country locations, a Rural and Remote Outreach Service that is able to travel to country locations to provide assessment and consultation services, training to family members, staff and carers, and additional distance intervention and support.

Download our Behaviour Intervention Flyer HERE