Groups and Programs

We have found that the therapeutic group programs are a popular element of our service. Some of the group programs that may be provided by Child and Youth Services include: 

  • Aquaplay - You will be with other parents and children in a relaxed, fun group; the properties of warm pool water will enable you to practise movement skills and social interaction to promote their development.
  • Baby massage - With your child you will learn infant massage, and explore early communication and connection with your child.
  • Key Word signing - Learn alternative communication strategies, including 100 signs, and how to teach these signs to others.
  • Let's Talk Mealtimes - Learn how to manage your child's restricted diet or medical/physical conditions that make eating more difficult and how to manage social, emotional or behavioural difficulties that your child may be exhibiting around mealtimes.
  • My Child: Emotions and Behaviour (Circle of Security© - Parenting) - Share and learn about your child's emotional needs and how these needs affect your child's behaviour.
  • Sleepwise - Learn about typical sleep, sleep disturbance in young children and intervention strategies. At the end of the group, you will have an individual sleep management plan for your child.
  • Toilet Time - Get help with your child's toilet training, learn toilet training strategies and be provided with a personalised training program for your child.
  • It Takes Two to Talk© (Hanen) - Learn practical strategies to help your child acquire and use language naturally throughout their day. This program is offered in a small personalised group setting.

These groups may be available dependent on demand. Contact us to find out more.