Equipment & Assistive Technology

Child and Youth Services staff offer expert advice in choosing and tailoring equipment and assistive technology to meet the individual needs of children and young people. Experienced physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech pathology staff prescribe equipment and assistive technology, and following supply, provide training in it's use.

Child and Youth Services therapy staff are qualified to support children and young people with equipment needs in a range of areas such as:

  • Mobility including orthotics, walkers, bikes, strollers and manual wheelchairs
  • Positioning including supports for sitting and standing
  • Bathing including shower chairs and bath supports
  • Eating and Drinking including modified seating, cups, bowls and cutlery
  • Home modifications to safety and independence including specific taps, shower hoses, rails, slip resistant floor tiles and ramps
  • Sensory needs including weighted blankets and vests
  • Communication technology including communication devices and supporting software and applications (apps)
  • Apps for children's learning and development.