Child and Youth Services offers families information, advice and support with all aspects of toilet training. Specialist child development therapists are able to plan and monitor an individualised toilet training program in collaboration with your family and other care providers, such as child care, preschool and school.

Being able to use the toilet independently is an important developmental skill that children need to learn.  It involves learning control of the bowel and bladder, as well as learning many other personal care and communication skills.

Children with developmental difficulties can certainly learn to use the toilet, but often it takes longer and additional teaching strategies are needed.  The right advice and ongoing support can assist families to approach toilet training with confidence.  

Toilet training does take time and progress may be slow.  It is important to be Positive, Patient and Persistent.

However, despite the challenges, toilet training has many long term benefits for your child including:

  • Development of independence skills.
  • Promoting a sense of responsibility.
  • Improving personal hygiene and comfort.
  • Supporting social relationships with friends.

There are also many benefits for your family with the reduced cost and time associated with nappies, and greater flexibility in the community. Toilet training is a positive step towards independence.

Educational workshops are held throughout the year and are accessible to families and community service providers. See our training and consultancy services for more information and workshop dates. 

You can buy toilet training resources online, or borrow them through the South Australian public library system.

Toileting tip sheets and resources.