Speech Pathology

Child and Youth Services speech pathologists provide children and families personalised support around communication and mealtime issues. We are able to assess and provide support tailored to children's individual developmental needs in a variety of environments such as the home, educational and care settings. Our speech pathologists work as part of a multidisciplinary team to ensure a comprehensive overview of your children's developmental needs.

The services provided by Child and Youth Services speech pathologists include:

  • Personalised speech and language assessments and programs to develop functional communication skills.
  • Assessment, prescription and support with Alternative and Augmentative Systems of Communication including signing, symbol systems or speech generating devices (eg iPads, tablets and Apps).
  • Communication assessment and programs to support behaviour, social skills and interactions.
  • Support with obtaining equipment and customisation of specialised technology to support your child's development and therapy goals.
  • Assessment and plans around mealtime issues including the provision of an Oral Eating and Drinking Care Plan.

Child and Youth Services speech pathologists work closely with your child's other therapists and support services to provide a coordinated and comprehensive service.