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Useful Links

Continence Foundation of Australia is a national organization that promotes continence programs and resources. For information related to children see: 

Victorian Continence Resource Centre is a service provided by the Continence Foundation of Australia that also promotes continence programs and resources for both adults and children. A parent information booklet and CD resource: 'One Step At A Time: A parent guide to toilet skills for children with special needs' can be ordered via this website:

An App 'Toilet Training for Children with Special Needs' is also available here: 

Raising Children is an Australian parenting website which provides information on various parenting issues.
See toilet training guide: 
And this toilet training guide for children with autism: 

Disabled Living is a charitable organization, that provides information and advice to both professionals and families in the UK. Includes free publications on toilet training and managing bowel and bladder problems with children:

Other References

These resources are available for loan to all members of the public library system using the South Australia One Card library system. For your convenience, make a request at your library for the reference book to be transferred to your local library.

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