Apps and Assistive Technology

Apps for iPad and Android devices

The rapidly growing world of apps is providing amazingly accessible and engaging learning opportunities for children with additional support needs. But with such a volume of apps out there it can be hard to find the right ones to suit your child's needs and your budget! 

A good tip is to find some reputable, regularly updated blogs and reviews for technology and apps and Bookmark, Pin, Like, Save to your Feed on whatever medium you are most active on. Social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are your best bet at catching the latest information on what's good and what's not, without needing to spend hours trawling the internet. 

TechAdvisor have released a list of the 2015 42 best free and cheap apps for kids, toddlers and teens - best Android, iPhone and iPad apps for children that your kids will love:

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Assistive Technology 

There are many types of assitive technology available to support children to access tools for learning. Read this article on Consumer Tips for Evaluating Assistive Technology Products

Alternative Keyboards 

Text-to-speech screen readers

ClassMate Reader  

Read and Write Gold (integrates multiple AT techniques)

Read and Write Gold Mobile