Child and Youth Services physiotherapists assist when children:

  • Have movement, strength or coordination challenges.
  • Have difficulty accessing and participating in the community.
  • Require specialised equipment to help them with positioning, balance or movement.
  • Require rehabilitation with movement or fitness after surgery.
  • Need modifications and support to enjoy leisure and recreational activities.

Physiotherapists can work directly with your baby or child. They also provide you with individually tailored plans that can assist your child's movement development as you go about your day together.

Physiotherapists can support infants, children and families when:

  • Infants and children need support to reach developmental milestones related to movement, such as rolling, sitting, crawling and walking.
  • Infants and children have challenges with movement, balance, coordination or strength.
  • Parents need expert advice on how to help their baby or child move and develop.
  • Parents need information regarding family activities that support development of the child and their play with siblings.
  • Support is required for an infant or child to access the community or participate in activities and/or sports.
  • Parents require information and support to manage any lifting or transferring of an infant or child with motor delays or disabilities.
  • Specialised equipment or splinting is required to assist an infant or child to develop balance and movement ( for example pushers ,seating, standing and walking support).
  • Rehabilitation is needed after a child with movement challenges has surgery.

Child and Youth Services physiotherapy staff work closely with your child's other therapists and support services to provide a coordinated and comprehensive service.