Service Coordination

Child and Youth Services service coordinators provide a comprehensive case management and support service to children and young people with disability and their families. Service coordinators work in partnership with you to assess, plan and implement the services you and your family need.

The services provided by service coordinators include:

  • Support to understand the child or young person's disability and development.
  • Support and planning for the future.
  • Comprehensive coordination of services.
  • Linking to community services and activities.
  • Support at key transition times such as starting school, going to high school or leaving school.
  • Information and support for parents or carers.
  • Support for brothers and sisters.
  • Opportunities to link with other families/carers.
  • Help solve problems as they arise.
  • Provide assistance to liaise and negotiate with the critical services your child requires.

Child and Youth Services service coordinators work closely with your child's therapists and support services to provide a coordinated and comprehensive service.